"With the arrival in Ottawa a few years ago of the UN Experts on the UNDPAD Decade, a number of existing Black community groups were re-energised and some new ones were formed among which was the 613-819 Hub.

Who knew that this organisation was going to be the central powerhouse it has become! The 613-819 Hub with its indefatigable leaders Richard Sharpe and Robin Browne has reached out to all corners of the community and welcomed everyone to our common cause – the recognition and improvement of Blacks, and equal treatment before the law and everywhere else.

Black Agenda Noir takes this opportunity to salute and support the 613-819 Hub in all its undertakings as we move forward together to establish The Just Society that was offered as Canada’s goal by Pierre Trudeau from the time he was appointed Justice Minister in the late 1960s."
Black Agenda Noir
Ewart Walters
"As an enthusiastic supporter of the 613 819 Black Hub from day one, I wholeheartedly endorse its vision and goals with regards to advancing the interests of our Black community. I love the fact that it brings together many diverse individuals and networks with varying interests who are able to strategically collaborate on specific issues affecting the Black community. Considering the relatively small size of the core group coordinating the Hub's activities, I constantly marvel at how effective they have been, in such a short time, in the areas of awareness-raising, organizing and advocacy. Please support their valuable work!"
Sarah Onyango
"I wholeheartedly endorse the 613/819 Black Hub in their fight against anti-Black racism in Canada. Under the indefatigable leadershpip of Richard Sharpe and Robin Browne, the Hub has been a leader in the ongoing struggle for justice and fairness for vulnerable people who feel marginalized by the system. Canada's Black community will not rest until those in positions of power and influence acknowledge that systemic anti-Black racism is a fact of life in this country, and act expeditiously to bring it to an end. My support for the Hub is therefore total and unequivocal."
Godwin Ifedi
Black Ottawa Scene


The 613-819 Black Hub regularly brings people of African descent in Ottawa-Gatineau together to coordinate volunteer-led efforts to address anti-Black racism through systemic change primarily in education, justice, employment, business and politics.