For its first two years, the Hub’s core group members funded its operations. However, in order for the Hub to be sustainable, it needs to have sources of funding that don’t depend on the core group members or on governments. For that reason, the core group decided to start accepting donations and register the Hub as a non-profit organization.

The Hub accepts donations from individuals and organizations that support its mandate.

We accept donations from anyone but have a special message for allies looking for a way to contribute to the fight against anti-Black racism and to show that Black lives really do matter. There is no better way to be a true ally than signing up for monthly donations to organizations like the Hub.

There are many ways that you aren’t able, or qualified, to fight but what you can do is provide consistent, monthly financial support, to help us continue the important work we’re doing. If everyone who knows that Black lives matter was giving whatever they could on a monthly basis, it would make a massive difference. Your collective financial power is huge and you can help us take advantage of that. As a privileged ally, there’s a lot that you don’t know and there’s a lot that you can’t speak to, but if you want to show true solidarity this is one very important way. To quote African-American activist, Brittany Packnett, “The privilege you enjoy comes at someone else’s expense. ” That is so true. And that privilege could be put to good use to create resources, space and opportunity for someone else – not because they need your saving but because that’s what you do with what you didn’t earn: you give it away. It’s not charity, it’s solidarity, and true solidarity means showing up respectfully, physically, mentally and financially.

Your donation will go 100% towards funding Hub activities.


The 613-819 Black Hub regularly brings people of African descent in Ottawa-Gatineau together to coordinate volunteer-led efforts to address anti-Black racism through systemic change primarily in education, justice, employment, business and politics.