Help Ottawa find a non-police response to mental health calls – support our Compassion not Cops GoFundMe campaign!

People in Ottawa experiencing mental health crises, especially Black and Indigenous people, have been killed instead of being helped. This must stop but the process launched by the Ottawa Police Services Board will take three years just to come with recommendations. That’s too long – and we don’t have time to wait. The COVID-19 pandemic will no doubt push many more people, especially racialized people, into mental health crises and, if the cops keep showing up, more people could die.

So that’s why we’re getting our own study done.

The study will recommend non-police responses to people experiencing mental health crises. This will include examples like Eugene, Oregon’s CAHOOTS program that replaces armed police with 2-person teams consisting of a medic and a crisis worker. In its 31-year history the CAHOOTS program has never had a client or CAHOOTS worker harmed. Programs like CAHOOTS save lives – and money, since they’re far cheaper than sending cops.

Help the 613-819 Black Hub raise the $25,000 for the study by donating to the GoFundMe campaign!



The 613-819 Black Hub regularly brings people of African descent in Ottawa-Gatineau together to coordinate volunteer-led efforts to address anti-Black racism through systemic change primarily in education, justice, employment, business and politics.